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Wealth Management – Agile Program Management approach to meet regulatory deadlines

Frazer Walker used Agile to help this leading Australian Wealth Management company deliver a large and complex program to market within tight regulatory deadlines

The Challenge

Although the company felt they needed to apply an “agile approach” if they were to achieve the aggressive timeframe, there was no clear understanding of what this meant from a program wide context and how this could be achieved for a large program ($40m+) affecting many parts of the business operations and most of their major IT systems.

Our Work

Frazer Walker had the experience of managing large complex programs of work and understood how program management concepts (such as Design Authority) combined with agile techniques could be applied to achieve the time-to-market goals of the program to meet regulatory compliance obligations.

Importantly, it was our ability to facilitate both the business and IT stakeholders through the planning process to reach a shared view of what aspects of “Agile” could be tailored to fit their specific program, that helped them to achieve their objectives.

The Outcome

Frazer Walker interviewed the key stakeholders to establish their objectives, understanding of agile and the nature of the program. This enabled us to take the stakeholders through a series of planning workshops to:

  • Reach a shared understanding of what “agile” meant for their program and a shared view of the relative priorities for the program (through the use of “success-sliders”)
  • Agree on the aspects of “agile” that could be successfully applied to the management of their program (and what aspects were not viable)
  • What this meant for the way they managed the program as a whole, as well as the IT specific “agile” techniques applicable to the IT program stream and component projects
  • Understand that “agile” meant working in a disciplined and controlled environment – not anarchy
  • Decide how to work within and leverage constraints on the program such as the organisations rigorous approach to Release Management

The outcomes of Frazer Walker’s intervention were adopted by the team and they were highly successful in achieving the time-to-market goals and wider objectives of the program.


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