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Wealth & Insurance – Improving Information and Data Management

Our client’s Information Management team needed help establishing, uplifting and expanding its capabilities to support growing regulatory and business requirements for trusted data.

The Challenge

With a small team, the growing demand on our client’s Information Management team exceeded their existing capacity. They were required to deliver data quality monitoring for new core data flows; implement new metadata management capabilities; and raise greater awareness for appropriate handling of data and information across the group. The team needed to quickly increase capacity and expand the team’s available skill-set in order to deliver. 

Our Work

Our Lead Consultant took on the role of Delivery Manager, with our specialist data and information management consultants helping to complement the Information Management team. Working with them to deliver current projects, change and new capabilities.

Frazer Walker worked with the client and its existing partners to grow and shrink the team, adjusting to customer demand over time.

During our engagement with the client we lead the delivery of:

  • An Agile project delivery approach to improve the throughput of the team and transparency of the backlog and current priorities
  • Data quality dashboards, the central repository, processes and roles for metadata including business glossaries, data dictionaries, and data lineage
  • Review and update of core information management policies and standards
  • Establishing new standards
  • Change management and communications for Office 365 document sensitivity labelling. Including the exploration of new ways to reach staff to convey the important messages around the handling and use of data and information. 

As the client’s in-house team grew, Frazer Walker supported the selection and preparation of permanent team members to create a seamless transition to continue delivery for the organisation. 

The Outcome

Our client was able to deliver to their organisation: 

  • Increased awareness of the importance of data and information, its protection, and appropriate handling
  • Improved ongoing quality of a core data flow
  • Improved ongoing quality of customer and contracts data integrated across core systems; and 
  • Established metadata management capability for the group 

Upon completion of the engagement and handover, our client was left with a strong team prepared for continued delivery to their organisation.


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