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Government – Strategic Business Transformation Program

The ABC engaged Frazer Walker to implement a strategic business transformation program ahead of expected budget reductions and to pave the way for efficiency and productivity gains. The three divisions were rationalised and the key success criteria were achieved

The Challenge

The challenge was to develop and implement a new business operating model that had to be implemented across the whole organisation – at the same time and with no disruption to business as usual activities. Other critical success factors included; at minimum maintaining the current productivity levels and cost neutrality over a three year period

The program included transferring and reassigning over one thousand staff members, in all States and Territories, across three divisions

Our Work

Given the importance, history and complexity of the proposed program our client engaged Frazer Walker as their external independent consultancy with a track record of delivering complex, high risk, multi-stakeholder programs

Previous attempts to deliver the change had failed due to the lack of engagement with and commitment from the business divisions involved. Frazer Walker’s approach to transformation programs combining change management, project management and business operating model development was viewed as being key to managing the complex stakeholder environment

The Outcome

The three divisions were rationalised and the key success criteria were achieved

Frazer Walker created a program management team that worked with the divisions to first develop a target operating model, including a high level governance charter and operating rules. The target operating model was then reviewed and validated though an extensive functional, financial and risk gaps analysis; the outcomes of which were used to inform the overall (business) case for change and to develop a detailed transition plan. These deliverables were, in turn, used to develop the staff and union consultation approach and proposal

Feedback from the staff and union consultation process, completed within eight weeks, was used to finalise the operating model and launch the change. Transition to the new operating model, including processes, technology, role transfers and management structures were completed over a period of seven weeks. Implementation risks were continually reviewed and managed through a series of operational readiness assessments to ensure normal business operations were not disrupted

The program was recognised as a model project by the organisation. The business divisions, in particular, recognise that the highly consultative and consensual approach to the development of the operating model was the key to securing success


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