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Government – Customer Interaction & Channel Strategy

While recent benchmarking demonstrated the relative cost effectiveness of the customer service operations at this government owned water utility, there was a strong need to improve quality, consistency and speed of customer service delivery

The Challenge

The challenge was to develop a strategic plan designed to increase customer satisfaction without increasing costs in real terms. While previous strategies had delivered benefits though a program of constant incremental improvement, our client was seeking a faster pace of change over a more aggressive time-frame

Our Work

Frazer Walker’s track record in establishing cross-divisional support and acceptance of strategies and goals – by involving and drawing input from all areas of the business through an established process of interviews, meetings and workshops – was a critical factor in their decision to engage us

Frazer Walker brought extensive experience in working with clients in Financial Services and Government to review, assess and improve their customer segmentation, operating model and channels

The Outcome

With a strong focus on ensuring the strategies were practical and actionable, the strategic plan identified four key themes:

  • Be easy to deal with
  • Migrate from high to low cost channels
  • Reduce avoidable contacts, and
  • More efficient use of resources

In order to identify and assess the underlying opportunities we used a combination of our “customer matrix” – designed to recognise and differentiate customer service across each service dimension – and data driven “decision maps” – used to analyse and illustrate the key goals and opportunities across key measures of customer satisfaction and value

Frazer Walker produced the Strategic Plan that described the vision, the opportunities and target operating model. This was support by the Strategic Roadmap, this provided a detailed description of the eight projects required to deliver the target operating model, including cost and benefit analysis, performance targets, impact analysis and the overall program plan and governance


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